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Forewarned is Forearmed

Reliable, accurate, big picture thinking on disruption, conflict, and collapse.


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  • Early Warning, our daily intelligence brief
  • Political, social, and economic warning signals
  • Daily podcast with analyst commentary
  • Monthly livestreams
  • Quarterly: Strategic Warning presentations
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  • Early Warning, our daily intelligence brief
  • Political, social, and economic warning signs
  • Daily podcast with analyst commentary
  • Monthly livestreams
  • Quarterly Strategic Warning presentations


"Thanks for what you do. I've been eyeing your site for a while, but the current situation is obviously what pushed me over the edge. I wish I had done it months ago. I've been around a long time, and I've never seen such direct, clear, and factual (not emtional) information anywhere else."

— Terry

"Great information not seen by most Americans."

— Patrick

"Just wanted to say how incredibly well-written and profoundly spot on this report was. Thank you for the continued excellent work!

— Laurence

"Sam reads the tremors before the earthquake comes."

— Bob

"Sam and his team provide excellent products for the professional or casual consumer interested in learning and discovering more about the events that shape the world in which we live."

— Chris

"Useful information, reliable reports, and intelligent analysis. Promote ahead of peers."

— Lloyd

"FO brings to the forefront information and techniques of data collection that are scarcely spoken about elsewhere. The information is relayed in a manner that is enjoyable and easily digestible."

— Jay

"It took me a while to realize that this is designed to be a curated summarized analysis of daily developments... Once I realized that, it became a huge time saver. I'm head of [business continuity] for a mid-sized regional bank... Your stuff has been pretty useful. I was ahead of the curve on getting our company's operation ready for broader "shelter in place" initiatives. Thanks."

— Conan

"It is hard to find unbiased information reporting anywhere, but especially on social media. The information and sources found here should be the first place anyone looks. Great work, and thank you."

— Mike

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  • Warning signs for political, social, and economic instability, including:
  • ​The latest on the Left's plans to take power inside the Beltway and beyond
  • ​Situational awareness on violent and disruptive social movements
  • Financial warnings from the country's top investment firms and asset managers
  • Risk intelligence that makes sense of current and future threats
  • Daily reports in your inbox, Monday-Friday
  • Early Warning Podcast: Join Sam as he breaks down the daily reporting on the podcast
  • Monthly Intelligence Training: Each month, Sam provides live intelligence training via webinar format, along with actionable steps to implement for community security and increased situational awareness.
  • ​Quarterly Strategic Warning: Each quarter, Sam breaks down the trends and issues that will affect the country three to six months out.
  • ​Intelligence Officer's Bookshelf: Sam's notes on intelligence tradecraft, civil wars, domestic conflicts, social and economic collapse, and a range of military manuals, including a growing library of intelligence, security, and defense manuals (PDF downloads)

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Samuel Culper

Samuel Culper

YOUR AUTHOR: Sam is a former soldier, Intelligence NCO, contractor, and member of the U.S. Intelligence Community. He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan for three years, and previously (2008-2009) wrote the most widely distributed daily intelligence summary in the Intelligence Community.

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